Case Files: CHAPTER 10


In order to raise money to finance the defense of Tina Myers and ostensibly for Robert Myers, it was decided by Phil Sutley when Myers civil attorney, Thomas Stansfield, to conduct an auction at the house where Mary Ruth had been murdered. Bargain hunters and thrill seekers alike packed the front yard of the Myers home for a Saturday auction on January 2, 1982. A few shivering people sat around the living room inside to escape the wind. In all it was estimated that more than 1000 mobbed the hilltop real estate to stroll through the house and gawk at the mirror accented master bedroom and tried to outbid their neighbors for furniture to cart home in the back of their pick-up trucks. Carroll County agreed that they have never seen anything like the carnival that took place at the Myers house on Silver Run. While household auctions were a common social event in the rural county the Myers auction was different because the two owners were very much alive during the sale of their personal belongings. Robert My ers was ten miles away in his cell in the county jail in Westminster and Tina, the other owner, was in the Women Detention Center in Baltimore City Jail.

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